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MYR (Malaysian ringgit)MYR:
This currency converter uses the exchange rates (based on the value of 1 EUR) shown in the table below. They were obtained from the European Central Bank on Wednesday 23 Apr 2014.
1.0EUR (Euro)
1.3834USD (US dollar)
0.82390GBP (Pound sterling)
141.46JPY (Japanese yen)
8.6270CNY (Chinese yuan renminbi)
1.4905AUD (Australian dollar)
1.5249CAD (Canadian dollar)
18.0810MXN (Mexican peso)
1.6125NZD (New Zealand dollar)
49.4120RUB (Russian rouble)
3.1039BRL (Brazilian real)
1441.29KRW (South Korean won)
9.0829SEK (Swedish krona)
7.4665DKK (Danish krone)
8.2715NOK (Norwegian krone)
4.1926PLN (Polish zloty)
84.5742INR (Indian rupee)
1.2198CHF (Swiss franc)
14.6724ZAR (South African rand)
2.9739TRY (Turkish lira)
27.459CZK (Czech koruna)
10.7252HKD (Hong Kong dollar)
307.78HUF (Hungarian forint)
1.9558BGN (Bulgarian lev)
7.6199HRK (Croatian kuna)
4.4678RON (new Romanian leu)
0.702804LVL (Latvian lats)
3.4528LTL (Lithuanian litas)
4.8255ILS (Israeli shekel)
44.738THB (Thai bath)
1.7391SGD (Singapore dollar)
16090.61IDR (Indonesian rupiah)
61.870PHP (Philippine peso)
4.5197MYR (Malaysian ringgit)

How to use this currency converter

Simply type in the amount of money you want to convert from in the appropriate field. You will then instantly get the value of that money in all the other currencies presented on this page.

For example, if you have 200 US dollars, type 200 in the USD field and the values corresponding to 200 USD will appear in all other fields.

You can type mathematical expressions in the fields as well, for instance 200+4*300 JPY will be counted as 1400 JPY.

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